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We have wasted 30+ Years in watching movies critically and murmuring about them. Recently, we launched MC and started crucifying movies, TV Series and celebrities. So, if you are a crackhead too and have a lot of time to waste then we need you to write for us.


Who Writes for MC?

Based in Hollywood, USA, MovieComing works with writers from all over the world. We’re only looking for those writers who write dirty, vulgar, and not even funny. In short, the only qualification to write for us is that you must love cursing people.


What Do We Write About?

While MovieComing covers every aspect of movies as well as series, we focus on the Celebrity News, Movie Reviews, Upcoming Movies, TV Series, Trailers, Short Videos, Documentaries and Award Ceremonies.

In addition, we welcome articles about trending topics i.e. top 10s that don’t fit into the above categories.


Do You Want to Join Us?

If you think that you are on the same wavelength and would love to kick in the ass of your favorite movies and celebrities then we definitely need you!

Jokes Apart! Please contact us at writer@moviecoming.com.