Hollywood is full of directors, screenwriters, actors and musicians that we love and admire for their capabilities and amazingly done work. Every genre of movies is dominated by our favorite teams that work together and that make us love the outcome of the efforts that they put in. with the release of movie trailers, we start expecting a lot from the movies and actors and directors because they hardly disappoint us. Everyone has their own favorite artists and expect great work from them. But what does happen when you expect too much from a movie and it disappoints you when you see it? One movie may disappoint one and may please another. For me 2014 was the year full of amazing movies and blockbusters but some movies that we expected a lot from, disappointed us. Here is the list of top 5 movies that disappointed us big time. However the ranking depends totally upon the reasons I have and there is no personal hard feeling for any artist who worked in or for the movie. So you should not get mad at me if your favorite movie or star is mentioned in the list below. Everyone has their own preferences and we completely respect that. So now enjoy reading the reasons why these movies disappointed many and may be you as well.

No. 5: Inherent Vice


Inherent Vice revolves around a missing person. The private investigator Larry “Doc” is handling the case. He is in full charge of investigation. But wait… who is this missing person? Disappeared is his girlfriend. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Pynchon. The film premiered at the 2014 New York Film Festival and released worldwide on December 12th, 2014. What I think about the film is that it wasn’t really interesting and it could not engage the audience with its plot and characters. The film had almost o appeal for casual movie goers but was fun to watch for intellectual or cinephile types.

No. 4: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


On No. 4th is this movie which disappointed my big time but not for an obvious reason. This movie had so much content to tell from the Tom Clancy’s novels. This movie did have a lot of plot but what it lacks is the cast and the director’s approach of making the film entertaining no matter what. This movie served as a spy movie that you can only enjoy if you’re just in a mood to enjoy. This movie is about Jack Ryan played by Chris Pine who is an ordinary executive but has worked for CIA for many years and is on the mission to save U.S. from an attack to destroy U.S. economy and create global chaos. The plot however makes is interesting but the presentation of the movie is DISAPPOINTING!

No. 3: Exodus: Gods and Kings


The film became controversial since it was announced with the issue of race and discrimination but director Ridley Scott managed to handle the issue with patience. However the release of the film, gave birth to many more questions regarding its over dramatic presentation, emphasis of costumes and some historical inaccuracies. This biblical tale disappointed its audiences as they could not make any connection with the seriousness of the story. With the budget of $140 million this drama of 2 hours and 30 minutes seems to have more focus on the length rather than the presentation of the story. So this was a disappointing movie as it was hyped and carried a lot of expectations.

No. 2: Unbroken


Unbroken is the journey of Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) of being an Olympic track hero and then life takes a turn as he enlists in the military and become a war hero of World War II. As a child he is always in trouble but with the support of his elder brother he gathers up his energy and spirit as he qualifies for the 1936 Olympics. Directed by Angelina Jolie, the movie contains enormous violence, plenty of tragic scenes as Louis miraculously survives a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean when fighting in World War II. For several days he drifts on the raft with his two fellows (Domhnall Gleeson and Finn Wittrock). Then they are caught by the Japanese Navy   and sent to Prison. This is a Prison-of-war-camp. The movie tries to show the depth of Louis’s intense deprivation and the feel of his war experiences but the overall feel of the film was disappointing because the subject seems over dragged especially when the movie is directed by unproven filmmaker. I could not make any connection with the three different stages of his life and it seemed irrelevant to me to show three act structures

No. 1: The Monuments Men


The film is a story taken from the era of World War II when Nazis steal numerous numbers of pieces of artwork and hide them away. Some scholars, historians, architects and other experts from a unit who work together to save the history in terms of art pieces and mankind’s greatest achievements are the main lead of the film. Directed by George Clooney the film was a big time disappointment as the tone of the movie did not support the story it had in hand to tell the audiences. The film seems standing nowhere and in the middle in fact. The film has seven leading characters and the run time of 120 minutes was just not enough to do justice to each one of them. The overall subject of the movie which was to save art was not justifying. If you think for a minute, when there are hundreds of people dying, what is the importance of saving art? The way of telling the story was not fulfilling as the story may was compelling but whatsoever, the film disappointed many.