Top Five

top five movie

Movie Title: Top Five

Director: Chris Rock

Screenplay By: Chris Rock

Star Cast: Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson and Gabrielle Union

Release Date: December 12, 2014

Movie Type: Comedy, Romance

MPAA Rating: R

Duration: 102 minutes

Movie Country:  USA

Movie Budget: N/A

Company Credits: IAC Films, Jax Media

Official Website:

About the Movie: The movie is about a comedian turned film star who wants to present himself as a ‘serious’ actor despite of the extraordinary fan following he has. The biggest media event of the year is his upcoming television wedding with the famous reality star Erica Long. In his journey of reinventing himself he meets the young attractive and intelligent woman Chelsea Brown with the persona that matcher his own. This incident of meeting this amazingly charming woman may lead to a change in the course of not only his life but of both. With a healthy marketing campaign this movie is just ready to rock the theaters with full awareness and alertness among the audience. The film will serve its watchers a romantic comedy with Chris Rock serving as a source of comedy and at the same time romantic hunk ready to rule the hearts of all the fans. This movie can be a treat to watch for its audience. The film was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014 and after the appreciation by the viewers it was decided to release it in December 2014. The film by Paramount Pictures is all set to rock the theaters.

Comments: The sizable fan following of Chris Rock will be giving the movie a good opening but one thing is considerable that is the size of the release. Its opening to limited number of theaters will make it a narrow release. In my opinion the movie has a light entertaining story which will be different from what is offered this week to the audience. Overall this movie will be a mode lightener.