The Theory of Everything – Travelling to Infinity


In year 2014, it seems like a trend to cover and release the biopic of heroes and historically renowned personalities. The release of Bobby Fischer film, Pawn Sacrifice, the Alan Turing film, The Imitation Game, and the Stephen Hawking film, The Theory of Everything are about these intellectual giants of 20th century.

All of these men in their life experienced some serious difficulties in pursuing what they wanted. Stephen Hawking is one of the amazingly brilliant people in the history. He was a scientist and an atheist. His ideas originally were never small of simple but they were larger than lives. He was in search to find the one theory that explains the world in simple words. But as all other biopic, this is not about the theories or physics but this is about the theory he found in love of his wife Jane Wilde. He was 21 when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and he was given the expected life of two years only. He got married to Jane Wilde as they were deeply in love. Fortunately they were together for 30 years and had three children.


The film is an entertainer as it is not about the story of Hawking’s life but it is about the small moments and incidents that made his life extraordinary.  The movie is adapted from Jane Hawking’s revised and happier version of revelatory memoir published in 2007, Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. Eddie Redmayne playing Hawking has given an amazing performance in the film. Directed by James Marsh, Theory of Everything is an amazing movie to watch and look at the difficulties and problems these intellectual historic heroes face. The depth of the movie makes it worth watching. With the budget of approximately $15 million, Theory of Everything collected approximately $23 million worldwide. The response was amazing as it become a critically acclaimed movie worldwide.