The Water Diviner – A father’s journey in search of his sons


Director:  Russell Crowe

Screenplay By: Andrew Knight, Andrew Anastasios

Star Cast: Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko, Yilmaz Erdogan, Cem Yilmaz, Jai Courtney

Release Date: April 3rd, 2015

Movie Type: Drama, War

MPAA Rating: N/A

Duration: 111 Minutes

Movie Country: Australia, Turkey, USA

Movie Budget:  N/A

Company Credits: Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures

Official Website:

About the Movie: The Water Diviner is a film about a father, an Australian framer, Connor the character played by Russell Crowe, who travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to search for his three missing sons. His journey seems never ending and tough. While he is in Istanbul staying in a hotel, he meets Ayshe, the character is played by Olga Kurylenko who is the hotel manager. His journey becomes full of emotions and questions. All he wants is his lost sons but the way leading him to them is filled with twists and turns.

Editor’s Comments: Russell Crowe making his directorial debut with this film is someone we expect a lot from. The fact that he is an Academy Award winner makes us think high of him and expect some kind of master piece. With acting in the film, he will for sure impress his fans and as far as the direction of the film is concerned, according to few sources he has done a great job. The Water Diviner had its world premiere at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia on December 2, 2014. It opened in Australian and New Zealand cinemas on December 26, 2014. The film is scheduled for a limited release in the US on April 24, 2015.

Plot Keywords:   Gallipoli, directorial debut, three word title, world war one