The Iconic David Letterman Set of The Late Show

Removal of stage set from, Late Show David Letterman Ed Sullivan Theatre in midtown mhtn.

Who doesn’t know about David Letterman and his Late Show but now when it has ended what will be the future of the iconic David Letterman set?

Lets what happened to the iconic set…

Hours after Late Show With David Letterman had its final airing, a demolition crew was hard at work taking down the set of the late-night staple. Pieces of the set, featuring New York skyline and landmarks, were hauled away. Some larger items, like the replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, and what appeared to be the desks of Letterman and long-time friend and band leader Paul Shaffer, were seen being loaded on trucks, while other pieces were discarded in dumpsters where some fans reached in to take home keepsakes. What will be the fate of the famous Late Show With David Letterman set?

Letterman had requested some pieces for himself, so they will be sent his way. (Elements of the CBS orchestra podium are expected to go to Shaffer). Other portions of the set will go to institutions who had asked in advance and want to preserve and likely display them. A rep for Late Show With David Letterman producer Worldwide Pants, which owns the sets, would not disclose which items Letterman is keeping for himself and which organizations are getting set pieces. He noted that the discarded items were mostly fragile pieces that could not be preserved. There are no plans to auction off any parts of the set.

As for the Ed Sullivan Theater, CBS is in charge of the renovation as the building is being remodeled to house Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The plans for the current seats, which are being dismounted and thrown away, are unclear, but there doesn’t appear to be any intent to preserve or auction off any of them.