Against the Sun –When Death Seems the Easiest Option


Movie Title: Against the Sun

Directed By: Brian Falk

Screenplay By: Brian Falk, Mark David Keegan

Star Cast: Garett Dillahunt, Jake Abel, Tom Felton

Release Date: January 23rd, 2015

Movie Type: Action

MPAA Rating: PG

Duration: 100 Minutes

Movie Country: USA

Movie Budget: N/A

Company Credits: The American Film Company

Official Website:

About the Movie: This movie is inspired from the stories of World War II. This one possesses all the action, thrill and intensity that makes the story worth remembering and makes the movie worth watching. A WWII pilot, bombardier and a radioman crash land their torpedo bomber in South Pacific. The tiny rubber raft and the dark ocean with no signs of help, makes this movie intense. They find themselves in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the open ocean. With no one to help, no food to eat, and with the tough challenges of survival, the hopelessness of being rescued makes the story thrilling and adventurous. The survival of these three virtual strangers is a story worth watching. Wild storms, Sharks, starvation and their own existence becomes the problem for each other. Against the Sun is an incredible story which shows the hardships for survival of these three US Navy airmen. The strong urge they have of survival in the situation when death seems the easiest option, gives them the courage to fight back and challenge their fates.

Editor’s Comments: Against the Sun is a film that actually is the relentless sun and other odds testing the patience of the three strangers who have no hope of being rescued. The film will be a thrilling entertainment for audiences as the situations and the incredible account of 34 days of merciful journey makes it worth watching.