Spare Parts – A Journey to Fulfill a Dream

spare parts movie 2015

Movie Title: Spare Parts

Directed By: Sean McNamara

Screenplay By: Joshua Davis, Elissa Matsueda

Star Cast: Carlos Pena, George Lope, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis, Alexa Vega

Release Date: January 16th, 2015

Movie Type: Comedy, Drama

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Duration: 83 Minutes

Movie Country: USA

Movie Budget: N/A

Company Credits: Pantelion Films, Lionsgate Films

Official Website:

About the Movie: Spare parts is a film based on a popular story from 2004 when some students at Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix formed a robotics club and won the first place in a national competition. Despite of all the odds and no experience they won the competition with some spare parts and $800 at their disposal. The film is about these four high school students who used car parts and 800 bucks to fulfill a dream. They achieve their dream with the help and leadership of their school’s newest teacher. They win the national robotics competition but the journey to reach there is worth watching. This film contains comedy and drama which makes it an epic entertainer. The urge to compete with the top universities and follow the dream they want to achieve. Directed by Sean McNamara this film contains the epic drama and comedy that fill the audiences with energy and joy. The film serves the purpose of showing the audience an amazing journey of not only building a robot but building a bond that is beyond the boundaries and long-life lasting.

Editor’s Comments: The film scheduled to release on January 16th, 2015 is all set to rock the cinemas. Based on the true story this film in runtime of 1 hour and 23 minutes bring in the epic entertainment for its audience who love to see light and inspiring stories.