Project Almanac – fumes of past knocking down the future

movie Project Almanac 2015

Movie Title: Project Almanac

Directed By: Dean Israelite

Screenplay By: Jason Pagan, Andrew Stark

Star Cast: Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner, Sam Lerner

Release Date: January 30th, 2015

Movie Type: Sci-Fi, Thriller

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Duration: 106 Minutes

Movie Country: USA

Movie Budget: $12 million

Company Credits: Paramount Pictures, Platinum Dunes

Official Website:

About the Movie: Project Almanac is a movie which revolves around the time machine that some friends wish to discover. Their dream of comes true and they manage to build up a time machine. The main subject of the film is not the time machine but actually is their lives and consequences of the actions they take. Everyone has made mistakes in their lives but people who get the chance to change or reconcile the mistakes are the lucky ones. This film is about some friends who are lucky enough to get a chance to change the past with the help of the time machine. They undo their past mistakes and think that everything will be perfect if they change their past. On their journey to change the past, they get carried away with their self interests and pleasure and realize that even altering the past cannot make the life perfect and it may lead to terrible consequences in the future. The overall plot of the movie is interesting and inspiring as well. It will be an entertaining piece with the thrilling and adventurous content. Audience will develop a connection as everyone has a past which needs to be corrected but at the same time life goes on with the rule that ‘everything happens for a reason’.

Editor’s Comments: Project Almanac is a science fiction which audiences will love in this era of technology and advancement. The story is interesting in its own way which tells that actions and consequences exist because there is fate and destiny more powerful than anything else.

Plot Keywords: Time travel, Subjective camera, found footage