Perfect Fit as Disney Princess – Here are the suggested names


Disney Princesses and their happily ever after is a dream that every girl wants to live. Hollywood on the other hand is the world of thrilling and realistic stories. The different genres of Hollywood movies bring in the space for fantasies and for happily ever after too. Our very own Hollywood heroines take p the space of Disney princesses and become the dream come true of many. In 2012 Kristen Stewart portrayed a sword-wielding Snow White in the dark fantasy Snow White and the Huntsman. This year we saw Lily James, a newcomer as Cinderella in upcoming adaptation of children’s fairy tale by Kenneth Branagh. Moreover the hype about Sofia Coppola’s direction of live-action The Little Mermaid was inevitable too. Now the recent news about Emma Watson being starred as Belle in the live-action musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast also caught attention of the world. We as fans of these beautiful and talented actresses would love to see them doing the roles of Disney princesses and to facilitate the directors we came up with the list of Hollywood actresses that we would love to see in particular roles of Disney Princesses.

Following is the list of 8 heroines that are perfect for the roles of recommended Disney Princesses.

Emma Stone to be our Melodious Princess Ariel

Emma Stone in her Broadway Stint playing the character of Sally Bowles in Cabaret has proved herself as the melodious one and that she can like Princess Ariel. Her red hair as a similarity is like a cherry on top. Well, I think Emma Stone will be perfect as the Little Mermaid.

Cara Delevingne as our Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora

Cara Delevingne’s part in Pan makes her familiar to the world of Disney tales. Since she is an actress who is a perfect fit for a role like Sleeping Beauty, we hereby recommend her as the Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

Jamie Chung as the Brave Mulan

Jamie Chung is the one who already proved her action cred in Sucker Punch and also she has nailed the role on TV’s Once Upon a Time. All these things make Jamie Chung a perfect fit in the role of the brave and daring Chinese heroine who goes in the Imperial Army as a male soldier.

Freida Pinto as the Princess Jasmine

The flawless skin and big brown eyes make Freida Pinto a perfect fit in the role of Princess Jasmine. She seems the one who can pull off the look and character amazingly and flawlessly. The Aladdin can’t get Jasmine more perfect than her.

Amanda Seyfried as the Strong Rapunzel

Her golden hair is a strong enough reason to fit in the role of Rapunzel perfectly. Also her innocence and pretty eyes is an added plus. Amanda Seyfried will look as beautiful as Rapunzel and take over the character amazingly which made us imagine her in the role of the bright and strong Princess Rapunzel.

Kiersey Clemons as Princess Tiana

All the hype for Sundance movie Dope made us think and imagine Kiersey Clemons in the role of Princess Tiana. Although before all this hype, we all knew her only as Bianca in Transparent but now we surely see Kiersey Clemons as Tiana totally pulling off the role in a mind blowing way.

Taylor Swift as our Frozen Princess Elsa

Who can be as perfect as Taylor Swift for the role of Princess Elsa as we already hear her belting out “Let it Go”, the song from Frozen at the top of her voice. After such an amazingly sung song, she must have developed the intense feel of the situations and the character. Well, just guessing.

Selena Gomez as Fist-ever Latina Princess Elena of Avalor

With perfect brunette hair exactly the same as Princess Elena, Selena Gomez just seems perfect for the role. She is the one for the character and this is what I feel. Perfection seems possible to attain with this choice.


Note:The list contains the suggestions completely based on personal preferences and some suggestions taken from So if it does not have the name of your personal favorite do not get offended, in fact let us know. We might change our preference looking at the better and justifying option.