Mr. Turner – Exceeded Expectations


Star Cast: Timothy Spall, Dorothy Atkinson. Marion Bailey, Paul Jesson, Marion Bailey, Lesley Manville and Martin Savage

The Movie: With the deep personality of an artist and scenes telling you everything about a man, his feelings and depth of peace hi finds in painting, Mr. Turner will be a enormously enjoyable film. Mr. Turner is a British Biographical drama film. The film concerns the last quarter century of the great, unconventional and personified British painter J. M. W. Turner. Written and directed by Mike Leigh, the film shows the shades of life of this great artist who lives his life with his own rules. The life of this artist revolves around his work. He is possessive about his work and wants it to be the best in every aspect. The film is a great artistic piece as every tiny detail is taken care off. The film is made on the final 25 or so years of the artist. Drama is added in the film by Turner’s housekeeper who is in love with him and the seaside landlady whom he loves. The everyday life story is a treat to watch as the audience will be taken to another era of art.


The Release and Response

I personally loved the film as it took me from the present to an amazing place whether a painting or anything like that. The places are marvelous where they lived like the ocean. The impression of the film at Box Office was outstanding. It opened up exceeding the expectation with £905,000 from 129 cinemas.

They say, “Numbers matter the most”

The total amount that the film grossed according to Box Office Mojo is $4.45 million. The film did well in London and it played an even balance of art houses and multiplexes. Overall the film is a successful one in every aspect.