The Imitation Game – A Heroic Tragedy


In this era of Hollywood, the trend of making movies based on true stories is gaining strength day by day with the success of films based on true incidents, biographies or stories. Imitation Game is one of the kinds.

This movie here is about a mathematician Alan Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch who is intelligent and intellectual. He is an obsessive puzzle solver who makes use of his intellect and ends the World War II sooner than it was actually expected. Germans used to send strategies through Enigma coding machine which was previously unassailable but Turing invented a computer which was a mean of decoding the German strategies. Not getting the appreciation and popularity he deserved because of his persecution for being a homosexual in 1952 as at that time it was illegal in Great Britain.


Directed by Morten Tyldum starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Kiera Knightley, Matthew Goode, Rory Kinnear, and Charles Dance, the film was an epic entertainer. It was deep showing the hardships of life. The film was shown as a constant struggle between Turing’s achievements and his effort to fit in the society. He has been different since childhood. The scenes showing he was different and the struggle to catch up with the evolving society is an enormous depiction of humanly needs of being socially acceptable. Supported by his former fiancé played by Kiera Knightley he sees a way to come out of his shell. The great chemistry between the two is an added plus. The Movie is remarkable and with the praise and applause by critics and audience, this film becomes difficult to avoid.

The film is a classic biopic and includes all that is needed for a film to become a blockbuster. It is made to tell us a tale and they have succeeded marvelously. With gross worldwide $22 million, the film is all set to rock this year’s awards and nominations.


  1. There are three things I liked about this movie..

    1. Cumberbatch’s peculiar character/acting
    2. Kiera Knightle’s smiles
    3. Mere presence of Charles Dance (I adore him since #GoT)

    Apart from that, I felt the movie is tedious and ordinary. And the fact that it isn’t even original, discounts my opinion of it even more.

    (Spoiler from here on)
    I am not being mean but when I saw its trailer a few months ago, I was super excited about how the movie will explain decoding of the most impeccable encryption the world had seen at that time. What i got was a fancy machine which looked like a large multi-slot cassette player and after 10 minutes of its introduction, the code was broken. It was such an anti-climax.

    The rest of the movie was about some stupid classification of secret information and homosexuality of Alan Turing.

    I think for it to be anywhere near an Oscar nominee, more focus should have been given to decryption of enigma. It should have made us sweat over it. The movie having so much potential completely lost its plot from the moment the code was broken.

    Anyway, its just my opinion. I am sure a lot of people (Hint: Sherlock fans) would’ve loved the movie 🙂