Horrible Bosses 2 – An Unjustifiable Comedy Sequel


With the trend of sequels and prequels being made, the comedy sequels have been facing a bad stigma since the audiences expect the same amount of humor, hilarious situations and gags as in the first film. The same happened with The Hangover 2 and something exactly happened with The Horrible Bosses 2. However the Horrible Bosses 2 gets new directorial vision with Sean Anders’s new and fresh feel as she has a varied resume of comedy films. Well with all the efforts and new fresh feel, the film kind of disappoints the audiences as the expectations were high.


With the changing and demanding audiences, a film like this looses the hold and the stretch becomes unnecessary. In the film we catch up with Nick, Kurt and Dale played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day as they decide to be entrepreneurs and start up their own businesses. The things do not turn out as they were planned when they get stuck with a slick and stubborn investor Burt Hanson played by Christoph Waltz pulls the rug out. The three find themselves in a severe financial crisis and to get out of the cranky situation they plan a kidnap of the investor’s son who is a spoiled brat and is as shady as his own father. The situation gets worse with the added spice in the kidnapping plot.

Well disappointed with the film, the audience gets the sinking feeling. The existence of the film is not justified at the plot and story does not support the entertainment factor. Directed by Sean Anders starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Gay, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Chris Pine, Christopher Waltz and Kevin Spacey, the film does not do as well as expected. Even the amazing cast with the budget of $42 million was not able to cast the spell of their acting and plots that actually make the audience laugh and enjoy the 1 hour 48 minutes of the movie. The worldwide collections were $85 million. With each comedy stroke, the audiences expect the consistency and Horrible Bosses 2 fails to provide the consistency that makes the audience enjoy every moment and scene.