Focus – May Disappoint Will Smith More Than Anyone



Star Cast: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro

The Movie: The film is about a character called Nicky played by Will Smith who is a veteran con artist. He takes a novice named Jess played by Margot Robbie under his wing. In the journey to teach her the tricks and rules of the trade, they become involved in one another and begin to romantically like each other. What happens to their relationship when Jess gets carried away and gets too much involved in the relationship is not the main part of the story but it is actually what happens when three years later, Nicky is in Buenos Aires working a dangerous scheme when Jess unexpectedly shows up. Jess, who is now an accomplished femme fatale, makes Nicky uncomfortable when he cannot just afford to lose focus and be off his game. Directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, the film is a deep and amazingly interesting story of what happens when you shift your focus from the much needed task to a heart driven feeling.

The Release and Response

$31.3m for a 32-territory rollout starring the big name, hypothetically one of the best actor known for opening up films with huge bash is not good form. Will Smith’s thriller Focus, co-starring Wolf of Wall Street stunner Margot Robbie, has already been positioned as much lower than expected for the box-office main man after the disappointment of 2013’s After Earth, and it limped on a $130m budget to $243.8m worldwide according to Smith has given amazing lofty notches on the Box Office, including Independence Day’s $817.4m. The more disturbing thought is that whether the 46-year-old Smith’s star gleam is fading away and if it is the case then what is the reason behind it. Will Smith in 2005 romantic comedy Hitch played the same kind of role opposite Eva Mendes and it opened to $43.1m in the US (vs Focus’s $19.1m) and earned the total gross of $368.1m globally. But Focus by looking at its opening doesn’t seem to reach up to the level of Hitch.

The disparity in the American numbers suggest that the fan following has declined over the period of time with the charming actor who did not display much freshness and charm since 2008’s hobo superhero, Hancock.

They say, “Numbers matter the most”

According to The Focus in Russia opened up very well with $3.1m, which is almost double the Hitch’s $1.8m there. This scenario lets the audience and Will Smith keep up the high hopes.