Things that Christopher Nolan should keep in Mind now

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Director Christopher Nolan makes movies that are mind blowing and breath taking. With movies like Inception and Memento, he gives birth to a lot of questions regarding the concept behind filmmaking and entertaining. And now with Interstellar which made more than $52 million after its first weekend, his unmatchable talent for science fiction makes him an excellent director of a particular genre which is Science Fiction.

There are very few directors who are good at every genre of films and love to be versatile in terms of the type of movies they make. Christopher Nolan’s comic book movies with his Batman films proves that he is amazing at superhero genre too but what makes him stay away from romantic and comedy films? Did he ever talk about it? Yes, he did. Director Christopher Nolan told USA TODAY that there are movies of a few kinds that he do not want to experiment with.

“I would try anything I think except comedy or romantic comedy. Those are very tough genres to work in. They rely on an unanimity of audience response. You screen a comedy for people, and if they don’t laugh, you’ve got to figure out a way to make them laugh. There’s no hiding behind the art of the film. There’s ‘Oh, you don’t get it.”

For Christopher Nolan I think these are the Things that he should keep in mind when making next projects. Now is the time to step out of his regular masterpieces and try something new.

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Christopher Nolan planned to direct Howard Hughes biopic in year 2000 apparently based on Michael Drosnin’s book Citizen Hughes: The Power, the Money and the Madness. Citizen Hughes is concerned heavily with the OCD-addled neurosis of Hughes’ later years. It will not be wrong to say that there is plenty of room for a very different biopic of the man. However, the plans were not brought into production as other as he got busy with other projects. Christopher Nolan has been asked about the project many times in press rounds for Interstellar and his response was, “I think it’s the best script I’ve ever written”.

Big budget is not a very unfamiliar word to Christopher Nolan as his Interstellar cost a whopping $165 million. The movie has already earned double its budget at worldwide box office but what Christopher needs to think now is that a low budget movie can also serve the same amount of entertainment to the audiences like Duncan Jones’ Moon which was shot for just $5million but looked like considerably higher budgeted, same is the case with Neil Blomkamp’s District 9 costing $30 million aging looking like $100 million film. So for now may be increasingly large budgets could really serve him well anymore and he should be finding more ways to make a low budget but equally entertaining movies.

Christopher Nolan is a huge fan of James Bond franchise which came on surface over the years and also there were some rumors about Christopher Nolan directing a Bond flick in coming future and he did not exactly seem reluctant to the idea. Upon asking he said, “It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things”. I personally think that there can’t be a better time and situation for Nolan to direct a Bond Movie. Bond 25 is the best option for Nolan and it completely depends on him as to how eager he is to direct the film.

Christopher Nolan’s vast imagination and vision is perfect for working on a horror movie. He is amazingly talented and has such a strong style of making films that his work is compared to Kubrick’s, so it would be amazing to see him take a similar stylistic approach to come up with a horror flick which will also deny the image of cold and emotionally detached director. However we personally do not think that such a deep and intense artistic director would go for a genre like this one.

For Christopher Nolan a war movie might just be perfect as he loves the big-budget films and if he does not want to opt for something different and outside his remit. War movies seem to be all played-out-genre these days but I think a director like Christopher Nolan can come up with a war movie that will show a different approach of looking at things. But as we have never heard Nolan talking about the genre so we all can just hope for it.