In this era of excelling social media importance, everyone knows how to be in touch with your family, friends, friends of friends and social friends. Everyone realizes the importance of social media presence but when it comes to celebrities and connection with their fans, may it be Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking website, no one stays behind in being socially present for their fans.

So when even a twelve year old knows the importance of social media presence, how can Christian Bale & Russell Crowe lack behind with no verified Facebook accounts?

Social Media Presence – A Must for Celebrities

Yes, Christian Bale & Russell Crowe are not socially present for their fans. Apparently there is no obvious reason for not having official accounts on Facebook but some reasons that can be thought of are, no time for social media presence, not realizing the importance of social media presence or maybe they have better things to do.

The popularity of these two hunks need no support of social media but the fans who love to see their favorite superstars on Facebook still have to wait until the celebrities realize that people are eagerly waiting for them to show their presence on Facebook.