The skills and capabilities people possess are what we know them for. For us stars and celebrities are the ones who inspire us, whom we follow and love. But what if you get to know that Tom Cruise is a superb basketball champion (which he apparently is not by the way), then what will be your first reaction? Well I think I will be shocked and amazed and I’m sure you will be too. Yes some people do have extraordinary capabilities and following 5 celebrities are one of those. These 5 celebrities and I’m sure there are many more who will surprise us if we explore more about them.

At No. 5 We Have a Muscle-Bound Wrestler Who is The Famous Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse


Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and internet darling. He is supernaturally smart and genius. You will not be really surprised to know that he not only knows the secret of cosmos but also without being intimidating, looks like an adorable nerd. But what do you think he was in his college time, just a nerd? Well, no he was a college wrestler. Like all of us he went to school and had the charm of becoming a wrestler so he became captain of the wrestling team. His passion was carried with him to the grad school. Astrophysics and wrestling went side by side and he was proved himself in both the fields.

At No. 4 We Have A Successful Businessman Who Is Now A World Famous Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger


We all know Arnold for his hulking look. The life of Arnold from the very beginning has been very interesting. From a small European village, with thick Austrian accent he has ruled many hearts. The tough looks, physique and voice make him the Terminator guy. He is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. But before he became the Hollywood star, he was an amazing business man who was successful in terms of entrepreneurial skills and bank balance. From bricklaying business to mail-order business to real estate businesses, everything he stepped into was a step forward to his success.

At No. 3 We Have A Soccer Player Who Represented U.S. In Brazil Who Is Now A Comedian And Political Satirist Jon Stewart


Yes, Jon Stewart was not a nerdy who would just be interested in books and just a political science major but he was a soccer player. He was an excellent player and was so committed with his passion that he was on his way to pursue the career but he could not because he broke his knee which came in his way to a successful soccer player. He was exceptionally good player as he represented the U.S. at the Pan American Games in soccer-mad Sao Paulo, Brazil but then with his knee injury his career came to an end and he settled down as a rich and famous comedian.

At No 2 We have a famed rapper who is now a prankster comedian Tom Green


Tom Green’s MTA show which was about celebrity interviews and borderline illegal pranks. But he was not just a prankster comedian but was also a rapper. He was part of a group of white guys who did hip-hop in ‘90s. The group was called Organized Rhyme which won the coveted Muchvibe Best Rap Video Award in 1992 for their song called “Check the O.R.” he was successful rapper and released few solo albums as well. The fame Organized Rhyme got was huge and success just touched their feet.

At No. 1 We Have A Model Train Set Builder Who Is A Rock Star, Rod Stewart


Rod Stewart a few years ago revealed that he is into building model trains. His passion for building trains is amazing as he is marvelous at making them. He makes these models but do not reveal them to many but only to a single magazine named Model Railroader. He built the massive 124-foot-long train set which looks mindboggling. If one does not have clear proof, it is hard to believe. He built the model himself with immense detailing. His amazing potential is recognized by the National Model Railroad Association of America who named him “Master Model Railroader”