The Boy Next Door – Story of Moments and Obsessions

boy next door movie 2015

Movie Title: The Boy Next Door

Directed By: Rob Cohen, Neill Fearnley

Screenplay By: Barbara Curry

Star Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Chenoweth, John Corbett, Ryan Guzman, Bailey Chase, Ian Nelson

Release Date: January 23rd, 2015

Movie Type: Mystery, Suspense

MPAA Rating: R

Duration: 91 minutes

Movie Country: USA

Movie Budget: N/A

Company Credits: Universal Pictures, Smart Entertainment

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About the Movie: This movie is about love and attraction that is forbidden. It is a psychological thriller that explores the impact of the forbidden attraction which takes the characters too far. The Boy Next Door is a story of a single mom who becomes attracted to a teenage boy which makes the film sensational with the love story that grows as the film moves forward. Jennifer Lopez is in the lead cast playing the single mother with Ryan Guzman playing the young teenage boy. The film becomes thrilling when the attraction becomes obsession and the teenage boy moves in the street and be friends with her son. The film takes a dangerous turn when she tries to end the relationship abruptly and the boy does not just want to let go or you can say can’t let go of her. The film is about obsessions and desires driven by the moments that last for a while but leaves the marks for life.

Editor’s Comments: The film will be a treat to watch for the audience, especially for Jennifer Lopez’s fans that look forward to her films. The film is intense psychological thriller which opens the room for audiences to enjoy the intensity and ecstasy while enjoying the movie. So far the film seems to rock the theaters and is a must watch for me. What is your take on that?