Black Sea – Brave the Deep, Find the Gold, Trust No One

black sea movie 2015

Movie Title: Black Sea

Directed By: Kevin Macdonald

Screenplay By: Dennis Kelly

Star Cast: Jude Law, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Sergey Kolesnikov, Ben Mendelsohn, Sergey Puskepalis

Release Date: January 23rd, 2015

Movie Type: Adventure, Thriller

MPAA Rating: R

Duration: 114 minutes

Movie Country: USA, UK

Movie Budget: N/A

Company Credits: Focus Features, Film4, Cowboy Films

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About the Movie: Black Sea is an intense movie which is scheduled to be released on January 23rd, 2015 in U.S. Directed by Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald the movie stars two time Academy Award nominee Jude Law playing the role of captain in the Black Sea. The suspenseful adventure thriller revolves around a commercial submariner Robinson (Jude Law) who has intense love with the sea and dedicates his life to the sea at the expense of his marriage. The captain is laid off by a salvage company and makes a deal with a Shadowy backer and search for a WWII submarine he heard is full of gold which is lost somewhere in the depths of the Black Sea. The film is intense and full of tension and striking contemporary resonance which will be the connecting factor for the audience with the film. The overall strong cast of the film makes it strong enough to get hold of a large number of audiences. The search for fully loaded gold would get him even with his ex-bosses and he puts together a team of English and Russian sailors for the search.

Editor’s Comments: The search for the gold becomes adventurous and thrilling as with every step forward they become closer to the prize and the movement towards the prize makes everyone less trustworthy. The risk of trusting one another becomes higher. This intense movie possesses the entertainment factor which makes the audience grow their interest in the movie. The suspense and thrill is worth watching.